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Other activities to enjoy in the region

Cerro del Águila or Romperropas, which shelters the caves, is located at the heart of Tietar Valley which offers various activities to relax and be in contact with nature

Photo - Lucas Acastilla


Tietar Valley is located within the Regional Park of Sierra de Gredos, a spectacular natural creation shaped by glacial erosion, once considered by Miguel de Unamuno as the “stony heart of Spain”. In Gredos there are many lagoons and gorges among others, which together with the majestic Almanzor peak of 2,592 meters high, make it a favorite place for hiking enthusiasts or mountain lovers. In addition, Sierra de Gredos is home to the mountain goat, a wonderful spectacle that is well worth seeing.

Trails in Valle del Tietar
Photo - Lucas Acastilla

Rural Tourism

There are many activities to enjoy in the region that involve both leisure and sports, as well as cultural interests. Tietar Valley has enormous historical value of palaces, castles and monasteries. Mountain bikers have a BTT Bajo Tiétar center, where they can access all the information about different trails of Sierra de Gredos. Those who love nature can visit the Abejas del Valle Museum in Poyales del Hoyo and discover the fascinating and busy world of bees, or visit Centro de Interpretación of the Regional Park of Sierra de Gredos.

Mountain Bikes
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Horse Riding

For experienced horse-riders as well as beginners, the region has a long-standing equestrian tradition to explore the landscape on riding excursions. Several companies dedicated to this type of tourism, offer visitors the possibility to enjoy different trails to discover the beauty of the most impressive places hidden in the region, also known as the “Andalusia of Avila” thanks to its pleasant climate throughout the year.

Horse Riding
Photo - Lucas Acastilla

Stargazing in Gredos

You don’t have to be an astronomer to appreciate the beauty of the night sky. Exploring the clear night sky can be a great moment with friends or family. Sierra de Gredos is one of the places with excellent qualities to contemplate the starry skies, as being protected from light pollution, makes it a perfect place to travel through the constellations and learn about their myths and legends.

Accommodation to suit your needs


There is a vast array of accommodation options in Valle del Tietar. From luxury hotels and cottages with jacuzzi, fireplace or pool, to hostels, camping sites or inns. Some rural houses are located at the heart of Sierra de Gredos’ natural splendor, while other hotels are in urban towns of the region. The magnificent Parador de Gredos, situated in a beautiful setting, is only 45 kilometers away or El Retiro de San Pedro where you can find comfortable apartments in the village or charming rural houses.

El Retiro de San Pedro
A wide range of locally produced beef and legumes


Given its geographical situation, bordering the communities of Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Madrid, this region is surprising for its diverse cuisine. Some typical dishes of the area are Patatas Revolconas (mashed potatoes with bacon, paprika and peppers), Chuletón de Ávila (T-bone steak), or Paletilla de Cabrito (suckling lamb shoulder). A tasty offer of locally produced beef and legumes may be found throughout the year in Restaurant Cuevas del Aguila, located just before reaching the cave. In autumn, they feature an exquisite variety of mushrooms. To finish, we cannot ignore the famous trout of Gredos, which fried, baked or pickled pleases the most demanding palates.

Cuevas del Aguila Restaurant
Carretera Cuevas del Aguila, S/N,
05400 Arenas de San Pedro
Ávila, España
+34 920 37 71 07