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Discover an underground karst landscape

A nature’s marvel

The amazing Cuevas del Aguila represent one of Avila’s geological heritage gems. There is access to practically the entire cave and they are in excellent state of preservation for visitors

The Caves

The caves reach 5O meters depth and have a 1000 meters footpath. The tour descends along the paved path, with steps, which borders the galleries where stalactites and stalagmites of various colors and sizes abound. The lights highlight the color of the limestone formations


There is daily access with intervals of 30 minutes and a walk of around 40 minutes, where visitors are accompanied by supervisor. The caves remain at a stable temperature of about 17 °C throughout the year, and a humidity close to 100%


It is difficult to accurately date the origin of the caves, but experts date their complex geological process from 500 thousand to 1 million years. The cavity is formed by groundwater currents while slow seeps of rainwater create the different types of speleothems

Discover the majestic underground world

There are not enough words to describe the beauty of the impressive stalactites hanging from the ceiling in Cuevas del Aguila. Many of them in an array of colors given its rich diversity in minerals. A visit to the caves should not be missed!

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We are located in Arenas de San Pedro
(South of Avila).
From Madrid it is about 170 km, approximately one hour and a half

Take the A-5 freeway towards Badajoz up to Talavera de la Reina until you reach exit 123, and then take the N-502 until you reach Ramacastañas
Carretera Cuevas del Aguila, S/N,
05400 Arenas de San Pedro
Ávila, España
+34 920 37 71 07